June 22, 2021

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I'm just gonna hit record, recording and progress. People like you get to the point where you're doing things that are not for you. They're not for your family. They're not for people, you know, will ever know and you're influencing their stories. How did they create that? Where did that, where did that come from? How did they go from. Going around their normal day, you know, their day job, their business, and then go, I'm going to create something, a platform, a service that's going to make a difference. How do they see that gap? How do they create... It's that moment when you realize that random passer-bys lives are as vivid and complex as your own, where you just go, ah, right. You know what, it's not just my story. I can do something to make a difference in those stories

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Avril Chester

Founder & CEO, Cancer Central

Avril is an award-winning technology entrepreneur, executive, speaker, author and cancer thriver. Featured in Computer Weekly's most influential women in UK IT 2020 long list, Avril won Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2019 Women in IT Awards, is Founder & CEO of Cancer Central, Chief Technology Officer at Royal Institute of British Architects, one of the 3 Digital Amigos (podcast series), author of 'Be with me, it’s c' and ‘Taking That Leap of Faith’. She loves good food, big dreams and a giggle.