A podcast and global community established by Danny Attias in his quest to bring people together to share their moments of sonder as well as their inspiring story of how they came to discover their contribution to society. Guests of the podcasts have worked tirelessly to make a difference in the world, for people who they do not know and will never know. 


Our guests seek to tackle the big issues around diversity and inclusion, social mobility, climate change and much more. Tune in to hear their inspiring stories and find out how each of them had mountains to climb and what kept them going when the going got tough.

About the Hosts

Rachel BarberProfile Photo

Rachel Barber


Rachel Barber is a video editor and University of Brighton graduate, winner of the 2018 David Thomas Student Filmmaker Award, and has a passion for telling real stories.

Danny AttiasProfile Photo

Danny Attias

Chief Digital & Information Officer, Founder of Sondership

Danny Attias is the creator and host of a new podcast called ‘Sondership’ in which he has conversations with people who are having a positive impact on society and the environment..

Listed by CIO 100 as the most transformational and disruptive technology leader in 2020, Danny is a Chief Digital & Information Officer most recently at London Business School and Anthony Nolan, the UK’s leading provider of stem cells for life saving transplants. Danny also holds digital advisory roles for several other organisations including Plan International and the World Marrow Donor Association.