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Danny is a gem

Danny is a gem! You have to listen to his interview style. He is direct, deep, inspiring, and thoughtful. We had a great chat, and I'm certain his style and topics - centered around purpose and achievement and intentional living - will lead to continued success. More power to him and please keep it up, Danny!

Great job!

You have made a phenomenal show Danny! Very inspiring!


A great podcast that really gets you thinking. Bravo

Fantastic podcast

Articulate and curious interviews exploring human determination, drive, and delivery of positive change. Highly recommend!


Wonderful guests who share such moving and motivating stories


Such a great podcast, so inspring and such great stories.

Fantastic listening

Such an inspiring podcast with lots of great stories which really gets you thinking about your purpose.

Fantastic Podcasts

What an amazing set of Podcasts, highly recommended

Different, wonderful and authentic

I was blown away by listening to this very different podcast. Firstly I learnt a new word - sonder. The whole conversation was very engaging, great questions by Danny and enjoyed listening to the positivities around Avril's life experiences which is very inspiring.

Brilliant Introduction

Your "Introduction" is so well delivered, very informative and exceptionally professional. It enlightens us all on a subject many of us never consider. Just loved it.

Really enjoyed the concept and first episode!

Fantastic listen! Avril was so wonderfully transparent and honest about her personal journey-thanks for sharing!

Great start to the launch!

I really enjoyed the first episode. Very genuine guest and great hosting! Dare I say this was an 'anti' Instagram that gets past the superficial 'perfect' yet unrealistic image that so many are desperate to portray about their life, and shows what can be done with a bit of perseverance.