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Howard is outgoing global Head of Sustainabilty for Bangarra Group and was at the same time Managing Director for St Mellion Estate since Feb 2020. Howard has operated at the most senior levels in voluntary, private and public sectors, as an executive and on Boards. Howard left medical school to serve sixteen years in the military, on active, commissioned, service on five continents, fulfilling a range of specialist duties. On leaving in 1999, he managed a horticultural business, before becoming Development Director of the Eden Project in 2001. In 2011, he founded, and served as CEO of Living Networks, a social business for regeneration and social justice. He was founding director of Shaping Places, a cross-disciplinary partnership for capital investment for regeneration. In 2016, Howard became CEO of the international wildlife charity, Born Free, transforming the organisation and its quality of work around the world, prior to joining Bangarra Group in 2020..

Aug. 10, 2021

5. Howard Jones

Howard Jones, CEO and Thought Leader shares his sonder moment as well as how after a career in the military he has dedicated his life towards helping others and the environment. Be sure to listen to the very end of …

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July 6, 2021

Introducing Sondership

Find out what Sondership is all about and get a taste of upcoming episodes. A transcription of each episode as well as guest profiles and much more is available on our website Credits John Koenig’s TED Talk...

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