Rav Bumbra

Diversity Consultant / Advisor / Founder / Chat Show Host

Rav Bumbra is a diversity consultant, advisor to organisations, entrepreneur and award-winning diversity champion. She has been showcased as one of the Most Influential Women in UK Tech since 2017.

She is Founder of Structur3dpeople, a diversity consultancy that helps organisations attract, develop and retain talent. She is also driving a social mission as Founder of Cajigo, providing mentoring and support, to inspire 20,000 girls into STEM and empower women of all ages into a variety of careers that use technology, across industries.

With a 20-year consulting background, Rav also sits on the Women in Business Board in Bristol, to support the progression of women in the South West, and on the Advisory Board for Learning People, supporting young people into technology careers.

Rav is also host of “Women Talk Tech” a weekly Instagram Live chat show, where she talks to women leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and everyday role models who share their tech journeys and strategies for a successful career, to inspire more women to see their limitless possibilities from a career in technology.

Aug. 17, 2021

6. Rav Bumbra

Hear from Rav Bumbra, the CEO of Structur3d People and Founder of Cajigo, an app that provides mentoring and support to raise the…

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