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Lyr Weltsman

Counsellor and Educator

Lyr Weltsman is the founder of Breaking The Chalk. The company aims to break the way we provide education and support our youths’ mental health. Lyr is a family consultant, child and teen counsellor, educator, mental health advocate and blogger, and the youth spokesperson for the South African Federation Of Mental Health. Lyr strongly believes in progressive and democratic education. Struggling with mental health since the age of fourteen and being diagnosed with several mental illnesses, Lyr is determined to increase mental health awareness and understanding and provide adequate support for all. Through Lyr’s experience with school and mental health, she strives to change education and mental health conduct. Mental health acceptance and knowledge by with her work and experiences, controversially and authentically.

July 27, 2021

3. Lyr Weltsman

Hear from Lyr Weltsman, the founder of Breaking the Chalk who will will take you on her journey with mental health issues and sel…

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